the bible project

One of the finest resources available for understanding God's message to the world: "The Bible is one unified story that leads to Jesus, but we don't always treat it that way. At The Bible Project, we make animated videos that explore the books and themes of the Bible."

my sad life story

Carlos DeJesus shares his powerful testimony accounting for the "sad life story of the pain and suffering" that many of us share. Death, divorce, disease, depression... Jesus has carried him through it all.

linkin park – in the end

(Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) This song for many speaks of the futility of life one reflected perhaps by Chester Bennington tragic death. But strangely it's also a core of truth of Christianity. Everything we do or don't do - does not matter. At the point of hopelessness we are offered a single gift - to welcome Jesus into our hearts.

papa roach – come around

Jesus came to heal the sick. None of us is well. This song reminds me of the deep truth that we live broken in a broken world with broken hearts with broken broken dreams. And Jesus came to be broken as well. Betrayed & executed. He is no stranger to our struggles.

austin french – why God

Christians do not necessarily understand suffering but we are realistic about it. The Bible is a book about pain and death, about a God who was so fed up with it that he chose to become flesh to experience it personally. We are not alone and he is not only willing to listen to us but to suffer with us as well. 

skillet – stars

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. It speaks to our hope that the creator of the stars can be the keeper of our hearts. The universe points to a magnificent beginning, "You spoke a word and life began". We are not alone on this journey through the cosmos.