fine tuning of the universe

The universe is almost too perfect. Not to say that there aren't some "bad things" about it but we really should not be here at all. Life is rather impossible without some tinkering going on by something (or someone), somewhere.

skillet – stars

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. It speaks to our hope that the creator of the stars can be the keeper of our hearts. The universe points to a magnificent beginning, "You spoke a word and life began". We are not alone on this journey through the cosmos. 

the chicken or the egg

Which came first? Either way chickens & eggs do not go back forever. And neither does our universe. All evidence points to a beginning (the Big Bang). And what's behind that grand curtain at the very beginning continues to be debated by scientists, philosophers, and humankind.  What makes the most sense? Because, it's all a matter of faith for the time being. 

why is there something vs nothing

Advanced Topic. This video makes my head my spin a bit but it's definitely apparent folks before television and the Internet had a lot of time to think on their hands and philosophers are still wrestling with these thoughts to this day. 

the ontological argument

Advanced Topic. Possible worlds. Unicorns. Flying spaghetti monsters. Maximally great pizzas. This argument always seemed a bit ridiculous at times (e.g. Rationality Rules response) but some really smart folks over the past 1000 years still take this topic very seriously (e.g. Alvin Platinga).