linkin park – in the end

(Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix) This song for many speaks of the futility of life one reflected perhaps by Chester Bennington tragic death. But strangely it's also a core of truth of Christianity. Everything we do or don't do - does not matter. At the point of hopelessness we are offered a single gift - to welcome Jesus into our hearts.

papa roach – come around

Jesus came to heal the sick. None of us is well. This song reminds me of the deep truth that we live broken in a broken world with broken hearts with broken broken dreams. And Jesus came to be broken as well. Betrayed & executed. He is no stranger to our struggles.

beyond sex & gender

If Jesus is truly God then our identity is so much more than our sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Every journey is different and God heals in different ways. But God is LOVE. He will provide us everything we need to follow him in whatever ways he calls us.