fine tuning of the universe

The universe is almost too perfect. Not to say that there aren't some "bad things" about it but we really should not be here at all. Life is rather impossible without some tinkering going on by something (or someone), somewhere.

the chicken or the egg

Which came first? Either way chickens & eggs do not go back forever. And neither does our universe. All evidence points to a beginning (the Big Bang). And what's behind that grand curtain at the very beginning is a matter of faith for both believers and atheists. What makes the most sense?

skillet – stars

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. It speaks to our hope that the creator of the stars can be the keeper of our hearts. The universe points to a magnificent beginning, "You spoke a word and life began". We are not alone on this journey through the cosmos. 

the case for morality

I despise line cutters. Nothing gets under my skin more than someone "stealing" my "rightful" place in a line or in traffic. It makes me want to punch a baby. But why is that wrong? Either the line cutting or punching the baby? If there is no right & wrong who can say either of those things are truly wrong.

is there meaning to life?

Carl Sagan was an atheist and he shared an amazing love for his wife Ann Druyan. When he died she wrote, "I don't think I'll ever see Carl again. But I saw him. We saw each other. We found each other in the cosmos, and that was wonderful.” Such love is real & admirable. But can love, beauty, and purpose truly mean anything if we are nothing more than "star stuff"?

ultimate questions

Without God does life have purpose or meaning? If we end as nothing are we really anything?

the problem of pain

The most challenging argument against God's existence is the problem of evil. Very few arguments are sufficient to justify the existence of pain & suffering from our perspective. Innocent children suffer & die. The earth is frequently ravaged by war, pollution, and disease. What gives?

the order of things

Advanced Topic. Some argue that God and evil can exist together; however, because there is so much suffering that it is not probable. Let's dig deeper...

austin french – why God

Christians do not necessarily understand suffering but we are realistic about it. The Bible is a book about pain and death, about a God who was so fed up with it that he chose to become flesh to experience it personally. We are not alone and he is not only willing to listen to us but to suffer with us as well. 

the ontological argument

Advanced Topic. The Multiverse. Unicorns. Maximally great pizzas. This argument is literally hard to "digest" but some really smart folks over the past 1000 years still take this line of reasoning very seriously (e.g. Alvin Platinga) despite the counterarguments that some propose against it.

why is there something vs nothing

Advanced Topic. The question above is a serious one that cannot be trivialized. It begs an answer. Folks before television and the Internet had a lot of time to think about such things and dedicated philosophers are still wrestling with these thoughts to this day.